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Welcome to the NEXT Innovation Center Welcome to the NEXT Innovation Center Welcome to the NEXT Innovation Center Welcome to the NEXT Innovation Center
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Partner Tenants:

Selah Genomics
On Point
Kopis Proactive Innovation

Built for Innovation

Downstairs sitting area
Sitting area
Greenville's NEXT Innovation Center Overview

Flexible. Collaborative. Smart

A place to help you be nimble, competitive, resilient. A community of innovators seizing the opportunity to redefine how growing businesses are built, and fueling that growth to the next level. That's the NEXT Innovation Center.

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Downstairs Conference Room
NY Conference Room
Sitting Area

No matter where your company is on the growth curve, you’ll find the space, leasing options, and technological infrastructure to facilitate your continued growth at the NEXT Innovation Center.

From virtual offices for start-ups, to super cubes and executive offices for the next phase, to ample room for corporate headquarters, we have the right space for you today. The building is designed and equipped to allow you to expand your presence as you grow your business. Start with an executive office, add a super cube for an intern or assistant—your space can grow with you. Even the walls are designed for simple reconfiguration.

Need a conference room for ten today? Use any one of the eight throughout the building. Having an even bigger meeting? Touch one button to roll up the conference room walls to create enough space for forty or more. (If you want to have a meeting on the fly, just grab a dry erase marker and start writing on the walls! Everywhere you turn, you’ll always be close to the incredible collaborative tool—the white board. We installed dry-erase material throughout the building to foster collaboration.)

As a growing company, you may need short-term space for special projects. Both the configuration of the building and our leasing options give you the choices you’ll need.

The technological infrastructure—phones, Internet, electrical—is built for quick, easy expansion to accommodate your growth.

Hong Kong Conference Room
White Board Wall

When a group of Upstate innovators gathered to discuss their facilities needs, they realized they wanted more than a building. To reach their goals, they needed a space where other innovators were busy exploring and sharing new ideas. Together they crafted the NEXT Innovation Center—a place where a community could thrive, a place built to stimulate collaboration.

The tenants’ spirit of collaboration is reflected in the variety of gathering places throughout the Center. There are six conference rooms on the upper level and two on the lower. The walls between the ones on the upper level are moveable to accommodate meetings from a handful to forty or more.

Surrounding each office are impromptu meet-up areas where you can gather to “bounce an idea off” a fellow innovator. And since not all collaboration is all about business, you can take advantage of two Nintendo Wii rooms for intense competition and thought-provoking dialogue.

Even getting a cup of coffee is likely to lead to stimulating discussion—the community café is conveniently located and thoroughly equipped for robust conversation.

Anywhere you walk in the Center, you can take advantage of being in the middle of a community of thinkers, creators, business builders, by stopping to sketch out ideas, challenges, or whatever your next-thing is, on the walls. We’ve covered most walls with writeable surface material, so it’s easy to make your thinking visible, and to include your neighbors in the discussion.

Super Cubes
Super Cubes
NEXT Exterior

Throughout the building we used advanced technology to make the NEXT Innovation Center efficient, safe, comfortable, and easy to use. From the digital access entrances to lights that sense the level of available sunlight and adjust output accordingly, smart technology is a hallmark. Because the walls do not extend to the deck, the air conditioning system provides efficient comfort throughout the building. Even the landmark entrance adds more than beauty to NEXT: it acts as a sunshade on the building’s western exposure, reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort.

Super Cubes
Sitting area

In addition to making the NEXT Innovation Center a comfortable, collaboration-friendly place to work, we took great care to make sure it is as environmentally-friendly as possible. The initial concept of revitalizing existing structures goes far in reducing the amount of concrete, steel, and refuse discarded into landfills. Throughout construction LEED principles were adhered to and green aspects are reflected in materials, energy and water consumption and lifestyle considerations. Not only did we build with the environment in mind, we also considered the impact of future needs on the environment.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Daylight Harvesting
  • LED Parking Lot and Wall Lights
  • Super Efficient Light Fixtures
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • 20% More Efficient HVAC
  • High Performance Glass – Light & Reflectance
  • Fabric, Self-Cleaning Duct
  • Low Refrigerant/ton HVAC
  • High Cut Off Light Fixtures

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Digital Controls
  • 48 Daylight Openings (8'x8')
  • Sunshades
  • Low Emissivity Carpet and Paint

Sustainable Site

  • Light Color Roof
  • Bike Storage
  • 6 Showers
  • Detention, Filtering & Cleaning For River
  • Conference and Exercise Rooms Sharing
  • Walking Distance to Main St & RiverPlace
  • Plans for Car Charging Stations
  • On Greenway/Trail System
  • On Bus Line

Water Efficiency

  • Low Water Landscaping
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Low-Flow Sinkless Hand Washing
  • Low-Flow Showers
  • Water Generators
  • Common Coffee Stand


  • Construction Debris
  • Carpet, Studs, Polygal
  • Paper Products


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Flexible Lease Plans

Big Tenants
NEXT Lobby
Gnoso's office
Big Tenant office

Everything about the NEXT Innovation Center is designed to meet your needs today and tomorrow, including our lease plans. Whether you’re a growing mid-sized company needing 20,000 square feet or more, or an entrepreneur looking to establish a presence in the Upstate, we have the space and the leasing options to accommodate you now and growing into the future.

We understand the needs of growing companies and realize that you’ll need a leasing option custom designed for your specific needs. We’ll take the time to understand where you are today and where you’re hoping to be in the future and will build a lease to facilitate your objectives.

Have any questions about NEXT?

For more information on lease options or to arrange your own lease, please call our leasing team at 864-242-4483 or email

Executive Offices
Downstairs seating
Gnoso's office
NEXT Lobby

If you need a self-contained professional office space, we offer several office sizes suitable for a solo-preneur who’s expecting to add more associates soon. Each office is furnished and equipped with a state-of-the-art phone system and high-speed Internet access (both wired and wireless). License also includes use of conference rooms, Wii rooms, and other common areas. For one low price, 30 day term, "it is all yours."

Want more information about executive offices?

For more information on lease options or to arrange your own lease, please call our leasing team at 864-242-4483 or email

Super Cubes
Row of Super cubes
NEXT Lobby
Conference Room

For the entrepreneur ready to move out of a start-up home office that’s actually at home, the Super Cube is a good next step. (It’s also a good step if you’re based in another area of the country and want your own workspace in the Upstate.) Super Cubes are well-appointed cubicle workspaces that are furnished and equipped with a state-of-the-art phone system and high-speed Internet access (both wired and wireless). All are available on a flexible, month-to-month license to give you maximize freedom to ramp up/down for projects to meet the demands of your marketplace. License also includes use of conference rooms, Wii rooms, and other common areas in accordance with the applicable reservation terms.

Want more information about super cubes?

For more information on lease options or to arrange your own lease, please call our leasing team at 864-242-4483 or email

Virtual Spaces
Seating areas
NEXT Lobby
Super Cube

For a variety of reasons, you may want to have an official business presence in the Upstate, but aren’t ready to physically be here. You can take advantage of a Virtual Office to have a physical address here and a phone number in the Greenville area. Virtual Offices are available through a month-to-month license.

Want more information on virtual spaces?

For more information on lease options or to arrange your own lease, please call our leasing team at 864-242-4483 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the NEXT Innovation Center. Here are some frequently asked questions about our property. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please let us know by either calling our leasing team at 864-242-4483 or by sending us an email message to

  1. Can I bike to work?

    We’ll leave it up to you to decide how far you want to ride your bike. We have designed the building so that when you arrive on your bike, you’ll have a safe place to store it inside or outside and you’ll have comfortable facilities for getting cleaned up if you did travel a long way (or even a short way during the couple weeks of intense Greenville heat). There’s a good chance your NEXT neighbor is biking, so you’ll feel right at home if you ride your bike to work or just ride it for fun.

  2. Do I have to be a member of NEXT to lease space in the building?

    No, you do not have to be a member of the Chamber’s NEXT collaborative to lease space in the building. However, almost all of current tenants are members of NEXT and the building is designed for similar high-impact technology companies. If your company fits this profile, we would welcome you to become a part of the NEXT Innovation Center.

  3. How can I arrange a tour?

    We’d enjoy showing you around the Center and introducing you to some of the remarkable people who make the project a community. Just give us a call at 864-242-4483 or send an email to our leasing team at

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  5. What are others saying about the NEXT Innovation Center?

    We’re thankful for the community’s enthusiastic support of this project. Several articles have already been published about the Center. We’ve also set up a Facebook Page where friends may make comments and share photos and their own experiences in their own words.

  6. What is the process for qualifying to be a tenant in the Center?

    Because the NEXT Innovation Center is more than office space, we’re looking for tenants who are entrepreneurial, growing firms with an emphasis on innovation around technology. Companies who would both benefit from and contribute to a community sense of collaboration would be a good fit for the Center.

  7. What is within walking distance of the building?

    Once we complete the nature trail connecting the project with the paths of Cleveland Park along the Reedy River, we’ll be within comfortable walking distance of Greenville’s historic West End and over a dozen restaurants, gathering spots, and a couple of unique coffee shops. A branch of Carolina First and a lunch favorite, the Savory Corner, and Zaxby’s are all within one block’s distance.



In the fall of 2007, a group of Upstate entrepreneurs who were members of the steering committee for NEXT, Peter Waldschmidt, Peter Barth, and Andrew Kurtz, starting talking about the need for space to grow—to grow more than their respective businesses. They wanted a building for their work that would also contribute to increasing the quality of life for everyone associated with their endeavors as well as for the extended community in the Upstate.

Later they connected with Bob Hughes to outline their vision. In an ideal world, they said, they would:

  • be located near the center of activities in downtown Greenville
  • be along the Reedy River
  • be in an environmentally conservative building
  • have economical space for their businesses today
  • have convenient access to more space as business grew
  • be surrounded by neighbor tenants who shared a zest for innovation
  • have plenty of space and tools for collaboration

As part of an Upstate economic development team, Jeff Papenfus traveled to Dublin, Ireland to visit a technology center called The Digital Hub. When he returned, he met with the three Upstate entrepreneurs to develop what would become the Upstate’s own technology hub, the NEXT Innovation Center.

In the following months, the team explored buildings and locations throughout the area before finding the ideal opportunity to develop the NEXT Innovation Center — a vacant, 60,000 square foot structure in an area where Greenville’s expanding renewal had not yet reached. As a bonus, the site is along the Reedy River and is only a short walk away from the coffee shops, restaurants, and parks in downtown Greenville.

NEXT, the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, the City of Greenville, and Hughes Development Corporation created the NEXT Innovation Center. The entire project has been a collaboration of entrepreneurs, architects, designs, government and non-government organizations.

This model of collaboration and development can be employed in any metropolitan area. In addition to revitalizing unused existing buildings, the process can revitalize the entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a growing company or are an official seeking to turn empty buildings into entrepreneurial hubs, contact Hughes Development Corporation to discuss options for the future.

Want to learn more?

Hughes Development Corporation is a locally owned commercial real estate development company headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. For more information email or call 864-233-2580.



Our mission is to grow ideas into great businesses, and it all starts with a question,"What if...?" Gnoso was created on the foundation of curiosity, and it continues to drive what we do. We love creating products through answering "what if" questions and are passionate about giving our customers experiences that don't leave them asking "What if there is something better?" Imagination. Function. Beauty. Three simple words that summarize our mentality and push us to create awesome products that delight our customers each and every day.

Michelin Development Upstate

Michelin Development Upstate is an economic development program that provides funding and business expertise to socially and economically disadvantaged small- and medium-sized businesses located throughout the Upstate of South Carolina, an area Michelin has called home for nearly four decades. Michelin Development Upstate is designed to help create jobs, promote economic development and support businesses with funding and free-of-charge access to Michelin's considerable in-house expertise. Michelin will provide an initial amount of $1 million for the program, with loans beginning at $10,000.

Michelin Development Upstate opened its office at the NEXT Innovation Center in September 2009 and continues to focus on the creation of sustainable, quality employment and business opportunities for new and existing companies.


NEXT is an entrepreneurial resource collaborative supporting technology entrepreneurs in the Upstate of South Carolina through concierge services, infrastructure development and public advocacy.

NWN Corporation

NWN Corporation's Application Development professionals help enterprise clients strengthen their business agility so they can thrive while others just survive. From the NWN AppDev Center of Excellence in the NEXT Innovation Center, we use our experience, capabilities, software and methodology to deliver client solutions on time and in budget.


PromoPipeline is a vertical search engine that allows you to search for promotions from vendors and distributors without logging into multiple web sites or finding that elusive promotion email. PromoPipeline lets you locate the promotions you need, when you need them.

SinglePoint, Inc.

SinglePoint serves local, regional and national businesses, affordably providing enterprise-level workforce management solutions, full payroll and related support services that scale to accommodate the human capital management (HCM) requirements of employers with tens of thousands of employees.

Upstate Carolina Angel Network

The Upstate Carolina Angel Network, LLC (UCAN) is a group of accredited investors from around the Upstate who work together to evaluate, invest in and provide support to start-up and early-stage, high-growth businesses in the Southeastern U.S. UCAN members include successful business men and women from across a wide range of industries and professional backgrounds.


Since 1999, EDTS has provided customized Information Technology (IT) consulting, design, implementation and support services to hundreds of organizations across the Southeast, generating long-term trust and delivering measurable business results. EDTS focuses on networking, security, business continuity and disaster recovery, and IT support services for growing organizations. Our local presence means we're readily accessible to you with fast response times and friendly faces. And our expert services provide you decreased cost and increased performance.

Partners & Collaborators


DP3 Architects

DP3 Architects, Ltd. is located in an 1888 historic building in Greenville, South Carolina. Established in 1984, the firm is composed of professionals committed to providing high quality design services for projects that have the potential for positive aesthetic, environmental, and economic impact. The firm utilizes a “studio approach” to implement projects in six project niches: Higher Education, Historic Adaptive Reuse, Local Government, Restaurants, Sports and Recreation, and Community.

Mitchell Contract Interiors

Mitchell Contract Interiors is a full-service general contractor specializing in commercial interior renovations. Since 1986, we’ve fostered an honest and creative working environment to encourage the growth and development of every employee. Our employees, in turn, are dedicated to helping our clients fulfill their objectives on time and within budget. By focusing on developing long-lasting relationships with each design professional, subcontractor, and supplier, we bring an entire professional ensemble together to achieve our client’s vision.


Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in the NEXT Innovation Center. If you’d like more information on becoming a part of the project, please let us know.

For leasing, availability, or to arrange a tour, please contact:
Hughes Development Corporation
P.O. Drawer 2567
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: 864-242-4483
Fax: 864-242-4486

Contact the NEXT Group with the Greenville Chamber


If you have a specific question you’d like for us to address, you can use the form below to let us know:

We will NEVER sell your email to anyone.


To NEXT Innovation Center

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From I-85

  • Take Exit 51 to merge onto I-385 toward downtown Greenville
  • Travel approximately 6.5 miles until I-385 becomes East North Street
  • Travel 0.2 miles and bear right as East North becomes Beattie Place
  • Turn left at first light onto North Church Street
  • Travel 0.9 miles to University Ridge
  • Turn left onto University Ridge
  • NEXT Innovation Center will be on the left

To Hughes Real Estate, Inc.

Map of Next Building
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From I-85

  • Take Exit 51 to merge onto I-385 toward downtown Greenville
  • Travel approximately 6.5 miles until I-385 becomes East North Street
  • Travel .2 miles and bear right as East North becomes Beattie Place
  • Turn right at first light onto North Church Street
  • Hughes Development will be on the right

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